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A group of experts from the Sežana Hospital – doctors – specialists in internal medicine, physiotherapists, nurses, etc. – has developed a successful rehabilitation programme for chronic pulmonary patients, which it has been carrying out for more than ten years now.

The programme is carried out under special climatic conditions, i.e. in a Karst cave, for which the term “SPELEOTHERAPY” is also used in similar centres across Europe.

The programme makes use of special climatic conditions for a complex rehabilitation programme, which is performed by bringing attendants of the programme to an underground Karst cave during their rehabilitation.

The Karst therapy programme is carried out in compliance with basics of pulmonary rehabilitation, from which it follows:

1. Attendants of the programme are treated according to the valid medical doctrine (are given the prescribed medicament therapy);
The harmonised rehabilitation programme has a goal (improving pulmonary function, psychological and physical condition and quality of life, reducing hospitalisation, use of medicines and sick leave etc.);
Exercises for breathing, physical shape and relaxation are carried out;
It is performed by a multidisciplinary therapeutic team (doctor - specialist, physiotherapists, highly and medium qualified nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists, dietitians etc.);
Attendants of the programme receive education (about respiratory diseases, use of medicines, healthy way of living, healthy nutrition etc.);
Rehabilitation is mostly performed in groups – occasionally also individually;
Attendants of the programme spend only 4 hours a day in the cave.

Various other activities are available in spare time, such as taking walks, jogging, swimming, bicycling etc. Activities are adjusted to attendants according to their wishes and capabilities.



The Karst therapy

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The Hospitals Sežana
and Nabrežina (Italy)
are currently
the programme,
within the Phare
Project, called

“Rehabilitation of
patients with chronic
pulmonary diseases in
two different
healthcare systems”.